Friday, March 13, 2009

hah @ old dreams

i just found this while cleaning out an email acct. its an email i sent myself when i suddenly remember the previous night's dream. its strange... i'll give ya that. but i think it also shows i had an underlying crush on someone at the time. LOL

I dreamt I was in the 1950's. or some sort of odd mixture of the 50's and present. I sharing a room with my mom who was sleeping in an old victorian house. we lived in a smaller town. i had friends who dressed in gingham shirts tied at the waist and rolled up jeans to the calves and and little scooter vans shoes. we wore our hair in ponytails tied back with ribbons. it was so odd how i could see this yet... i was in this room. my mom slept and suddenly this group of greasers came pounding in. they laughed and acted like a gang of guys coming back from a party or car show. a rumble as such. it was strange. i recognized some... others were nameless faces that haunted my dream. as if i should know them but i don't. it was very unnerving. I recognized Jake and Joshua. the others... drew a blank. It was strange. in real life, Joshua is the calm one. Jake is the real rebel. but in the dream... Jake was the sane one and Joshua was the brooding rebel who watched me with almost angry eyes. we argued. Jake got into my face telling me that i had no right to demand anything as i've ignored the love in my face.

i demanded they leave the room and let my mother sleep.

i stopped... shocked. I told him that if i'd known he had feelings for me... i'd have done something about it.

he smirked at me and said "who said it was me?" everyone stops.. dead silence falls over the room and they all look over to Joshua. he's covered in tattoos and looks angry as he stops and glares at me. I say nothing in utter shock. my heart pounds. i've always loved him.

suddenly the scene changes. i'm running down a dirt road with a group of girls who are my friends. friends being girls who i don't really recognize but are apparently my friends in this dream. We are running for our lives. running from something greusome hunting us down the street of this beat up town.

we turn a corner and duck into a barn.. and there they are. the greasers. they silence us and take us through a maze of corrals and dens. Joshua grabs me, throws me up agains the wooden planks fo the wall. he kisses me hard enough that i squeal. i wake up.

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