Saturday, November 29, 2008

part 2?

so i'll talk turkey tomorrow. lol i have alot to tell you. but first.. here is the next installment of the story of alice.. and her lack of freakin book title. ;p

Alice walked down the back stairs and into the small storage room of the shop. “Report.” She said watching her young clerk practically jump out of his skin.

“Do you have to be as quiet as the dead when you move?”

“I like keeping you on your toes. At least you’ve stopped leaking all over my floor.” She allowed the wry grin spread across her face, ignoring the tug of her skin from the scar at her hairline.

“Shut up. You’re never going to let that go, are you?” He leaned against the counter and blushed with embarrassment.

“Of course not. It’s the only way you’ll learn to never show up to work, drunk, again. But I have more pressing things to speak to you about.” Alice said as she spread out across a lovely baby blue settee.

“Uh oh. I’ve been here over a year and a half. You can’t fire me now. I’m the only one who knows your inventory.”

She smiled genuinely. “Donnie, you’ve been a good kid staying here and working for me. I remember the day I caught you trying to steal from me. Instead of calling the cops, I took you in, fed you, cleaned you up and offered you this job. I did it because I know what it feels like to be out on the streets. But when I was there, it was a much uglier time.”

“Yeah, yeah. I”ve heard your speech before.”

“So that’s why I’m going to give you the store. Well, most of it that is. What do you think about being my partner? You run the store, you live in my flat upstairs, and be free. Be your own man.” She kew she would be crying if her tear ducts were still connected to the emotion receptors in her brain. But they weren’t. She sureenly watching her assistant’s face as he realized the offer that had been placed before him.

“Don’t screw with me, Alice.”

“I’m not. Its all you. You get half the profits, not just your pittance of a paycheck. You live in my home. You run my business. You report back to me with everything that happens and we make decisions together. And I get to run.”

“So you noticed?” Donnie stopped and turned away, facing the display window where the view showed only half of the strange man in black.

“What do you know about it!?” She Flew up from the settee fast as any wild animal.

Suddenly Donnie’s face was plastered to the wall as she pressed her switchblade into the side of his throat. He gurgled and whimpered as she twisted his arm in an unnatural direction. “What. Exactly. Do. You. Know?” He shivered as she whispered into his ear.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. I swear.” He choked the words out as a tear trickled down his cheek.

She backed up slowly, letting him go.

“Jesus.” He coughed and cleared his throat. “I knew something was different about you. I knew you had secrets but seriously Alice!”

“Tell me what you think you don’t know.” Alice leaned back against the counter, fingering the sharp edge of her blade.

“I already told you! Nothing! I just noticed that I’ve seen him hanging around South Street for days now and no one ever hangs around that long. Plus he’s totally creepy.”

She stood and stared at his posture, face and finally into his eyes. “Yeah, I guess I can trust you.” She said. He fidgeted, but never showed any signs of being a liar. He was just a kid with an ugly past, caught in a world she knew would come back to haunt her one day.

“You going to tell me, then?”

“Sure. Tonight after you close up shop, come upstairs. I’ll make dinner. I guess its time I trust someone.” She started to walk upstairs but turned back. “Sorry about the scratch. Watch him out of the corner of your eye. Don’t make any eye contact with him and if he comes in, hit the silent alarm. I’ll come running for ya.” Her face went cold and he shivered as she stared at him. “And Donnie? If you ever double cross me, I’ll kill you. You’ll just disappear. Got it?” Donnie gulped in air as his heart pounded and he nodded his head in between shakes. Alice only hoped he’d sit down before he passed out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The beginning of Alice

Its just a rough draft and only the first few paragraphs. but yeah... i'm posting it.

Alice lovingly ran her fingers over the slick lightened skin on her arm. It was her favorite scar. The one that had given her the most trouble. It was the casr that had infected her body with the black plague and she’d never forgotten the necessity to replace the arm. It was the last time a body part needed replacing. She slid her long fingers in between the mini blinds hanging over her kitchen window. And flicked them open just a crack.

He leaned against the lamp post, pretending to not watch her little flat above the shop she owned. He’d been following her for days now, thinking she was one the wiser. He was tall and lanky, in black jeans and a black leather coat. He sported a little black bini cap hiding his blad head. He was white. Not white as in fair skin and rosy cheeks. He was the color of pressed flour with splotches of vanilla cake batter where the cold raised the blood. His eyes, the color of the sky on a cloudless day. He stood tall, playing the distracted tourist very well. All the while studying her. His head lifted from watching the oncoming traffic as if he could feel her cold gaze on him. She let the blinds go an backed away from the view of the stranger on the street.

It was time to go. For the first time in her long life, she’d chosen a place to settle down. To become comfortable in the little flat over the shop she’d purchased over twenty years ago on South Street. With a few precautions Philadelphia had become her home. She rarely ventured out without covering up completely and even went to the extent of hiring a new college student every year to work in the shop itself. She had come to love her quirky little vintage shop with her tourist attraction of strange old furnishings and her regulars, always searching for that new retro look. But that was all coming to an end now, and deep down, she knew it wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

Alice would leave tomorrow. Her plump lower lip pouted out as she considered the steps she needed to take to leave her home behind. It wasn’t as if she’d never moved before. Her life was a scribbled over wrinkled old map someone on the run. Never stopping, never really settling down. She ran after a year of existence with her father. She only survived long enough for him to re-teach her the basics of life in this world as a creature, as thing that needed to blend in with the living. Then he revealed his true motives. She was never to be free. Alice was only created as a companion for his first successful experiment. The vile murderous insane creature that stalked the lower catacombs of the castle he had them all locked in. He housed her in a glorified cell and used her in the basest, foulest way a man could use a woman. But, he never really considered her a woman or a threat. She was nothing more than a ragdoll; created in a vat of embryonic fluid and electrical current. She was a monster, against the laws of god and man. And that is why she ran.
so i sat in the waiting room yesterday at my dr office and told them "um.. my face is hot could i get some water?" they take me back, weigh my fat ass... and take my temp.

then the nurse looks at me. looks at the thermometer.. looks back at me. i know its bad.


"wow. i mean... uh.. 101.5 i'll be right back"

i got the lecture as they stripped me down outta my shirt and stuck a cool cloth on the back of my neck and on my forehead as my nurse practitioner (looks fondly of a small aged mouse) gives me the lecture of my life.

she was freakin thorough. she tested everything and even knocked on my forehead. i've got infections in the places that make me breathe. damnit. again.

i'm on augmentim. :(

and nasal spray. but no inhaler this time!! yay! :)

so i'm not dead. just retarded as usual.

so my shitty frenemy at work had her husband the nice guy remove her 200$ extensions.

then i found out today that he had to postpone starting community college. he did it because they had no money to pay for it. and yet she just blew 200$ on fake hair because she hated her hair cut.

how retarded is that? mind you i'm sick as a dog and i didn't mean to (yeah i did) and said to sonia my fellow receptionist "wow.. she got fake hair and he's not goin to school. thats what i call priorities."

lol oops.

Monday, November 24, 2008

cough cough hack

so i'm off to the dr. mom nagged me enough over the phone for me to know it was serious as i spoke to my big gay al best friend back in cali at midnight last night and he wanted to hear the wheeze. so i did. and he laughed then said yep, you've got typhoid.


i know its a joke but after hearing me put effort into breathing like that on the phone i realized that mom's right (when is she not?). I need to see a dr. Sad part is i'm probably going to have to take a payday loan to pay my rent this month. :( damnit

damned Dr's are so expensive.

The writing's still on. :) i'm not done baby! ;p

Sunday, November 23, 2008

keep on keepin' on

i dyed sherry's hair red yesterday night and was slightly surprised at how good it turned out. she's one of a few who's told me "man you need to go to school for this" lol. loved the color. i need to do mine. maybe chestnut brown. gotta cover the blond.

I woke up today feelin shitty... slept late, rolled outta bed and immediately dove into tv watchin mode. i've downgraded my cox (also known as cocks) cable to the bare freakin minimum and i'm dyin with sadness. so today was movie makeup for the crappy life day.

I watched The Other Boleyn Girl which has been sittin in my damned dvd player for god knows how long... i've been avoiding it as i am a historical addict and love the story of Anne of a thousand days. she was manipulative and brilliant but got too big for her britches messing with an overbearing tyrant of a king. i didn't want to see some mamby pamby story about two sisters fighting over such a boorish man. turns out i was wrong. damned movie was brilliant. i can't say enough how much i enjoy natalie portman. she can be kind and sweet, strong and proud and even bitchy and vindictive. thats all you need as an actress. the story was told well, written after that book.. you know.. same title.. no pictures. ;p

then i decided to jump directly into The Orphanage. Guillermo Del Toro would be the man of my dreams if he wasn't so gross lookin. the man is a genius but this film... its not his. its just got his name on it. its a spaniard(phonetically) film about a woman who lived a happy childhood at an orphanage on the spanish coast until she was adopted. later in life, she marrys and adopts a son who is terminally ill. they decide to buy and re open the orphanage... too bad its haunted by a past that was unfortunate and ugly.

the movie was beautiful. i mean wow. i really liked it which surprised me because most horror suspense films disappoint the crap out fo me these days. this one.. had a real basis of emotion and sadness. it was definitely filmed eyecatching.. and eye pleasing. and sad as hell. damned good movie.

okay now i'm off to see what else i can do. maybe take some advil for the freakin everlasting damned fever i keep getting. i'm sick but i can't afford the dr. :( good times baby.

El Orfanato

Monday, November 17, 2008

good morning starshine

yeah i'm up and showered and now meandering through the morning. i need to get going, eat breakfast and get my ass to work but i'm feeling like sitting on my ass and doing some writing. can you believe it? for the first time in a long time...

i finished a beautiful pink scarf with a matching beret crocheted with dainty crochet stitches. I love it. as soon as i take pix, I'll show ya. :)

I"m thinking about getting back into selling :)

maybe make some money with my lil art. it took me a night to make the hat.. lets hope i can do so.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I can't possibly express to you enough how much I don't want to go to work tomorrow. i'm getting up early to go take care of some business in the morning which consists of my ass walking. which isn't that big of a deal since its been hotter than hell out here ... in the middle of november.

How screwed up is that? global warming is killin polar bears by melting their food source. BUT even worse, it's killin my christmas. we aren't getting a good winter this year. it was 85 degrees out today. and its not letting up. the forcast is showing "pleasent" weather. how screwed up is that!?

I've chosen to fly out to california the 5th of december. isnt that spiffy? too bad its a week after my cousin is leaving back for Germany. its amazing isn't it? My cousin jacob apparently has been in germany and not in iraq as everyone has thought. well okay then. lol all that undue stress for nothing.

and stress is apparently my best friend as my boss is coming back from her hawaiian vacation and who knows who she'll be firing. they've not said a word to me about the damned coach sunglasses i requested forever ago. it doesnt matter i no longer want them and no longer plan on hearing anything about them as my boss conveniently forgets things that aren't shoved up her nose by the good dr. himself. Which is fine and I understand as she is his indirect slave. she works so hard that i feel sorry for her. pity isnt something i give easily.

he cares more about his money than his employees which is obviously understandable as he's out to make a buck. funny how you learn that a doctor.. is a sales man more than anything else.

we have a new machine that is testing for ARMD which is macular degeneration. its a destroyer of vision. it costs to take the test. how shitty is that? we charge people for a test that is so incredibly important. and then....

woohoo for this!

we recommend supplements to help prevent and deter it. and not just people who test abnormally high.. but to people who test in the okay range. we've not successfully become pill pushers.

god.. i've never thought i'd hate my job. for over a year i loved it. i love my job the things i did my patients and dealt with my frenemy in a decent manner as best she'd allow with her fucking bipolar behavior.

but now... now i wish they would just fire me so i can go work some shitty little retail job for the hoildays and claim unemployment. geez.

how sad is that?

i need to shower but its too late now so i'm goin to pop my nyquil as i'm fighting the last dreggs of the flu and my nasal spray so i'll have my one working nostril tomorrow .. working. lol

goodnight to those who don't read this damned thing.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the bug

i've got the flu apparently. spiking a fever of over 101 yesterday made me not such a fun person. i'm grumpy and bitchy and tired.

i'm goin to bed. and i'm goin to make a granny square.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm still not dead

i'm not dead just no internet at home until i pay the damned bill next friday. lol so much in so little time. ;p

to entertain you here is a picture of my new nephew. ;p

Sunday, November 2, 2008

sunday bloody sunday

So i think it comes in waves. Friday night I passed out candy at my sister's house while she took the kids trick or treating. that morning i was still depressed outta my mind but i scrounged up a retro costume with my purdy red ress and and my boufant hair do. i forgot my lil doowop bobby soxxer sweater so it was only a half assed costume.

Sonia sported an excellent Pirate Buckaneer Chick costume. She looked outstanding! Even Gloria sported a cool witchy black glittery top and her annual holloween vest. It was very fun. Mike sported all black and i asked "what are ya? a mobster?" he laughed and said yeah.

the frenemy however sported pin striped shorts (how the hell does she get away with that at work) and a typical black top. no dress up. no nothing. she was pretty bitter all day. it kinda sucked.

I'll admit at first i was like "WTF" but then i saw it. her legs. scarred and dimpled with flab and cottage cheese-like fat ruinning her skin. I couldnt help but smile and think "well.. she's not perfect." and i felt a lil better.

Yes its petty. but without that one person to be petty about.. we wouldn't be human. :p The kids looked great and it was fun.. i kinda freaked myself into a fearful moment sittin in my sister's house alone.. listening to screaming children and the wind blowing. heh.

I also decided to join up on a new dating site thanks to a friend on RF who sent me this hilarious link called I looooved it! the real dating site is called Mingle2 which isn't half bad. not as organized as POF but it does have this thing called Mutual Match which i really really like because its like "this guy likes your stuff enough to say he'd talk to you." and you do the same. you rate them. not like 1 to 10 but like Yes i'd like to talk to him maybe .. and no hell no definitely not. lol i like it. no bones about wher eyou stand. no point in wasting time. ya know?

I'm not really looking for anyone as i'm not goin to be in town but i thought it would be nice to check out the peoples. so far.. i've met more genuine men on there then all my time at POF. :)

and then there's EHarmony. yes.. i finally gave in and filled out their 29 point match up questionairre. it was free communication weekend this weekend. i had a total of 9. NINE FUCKING MATCHES!!! lol 8 were indian men. damnit.

nothin wrong with my eastern indian brothers except they are insatiably horny, and due to beliefs will not be marrying you. just trying to screw you. geez.

so thats that. i'm sure i'll be getting emails from them.

yesterday i watched Chaos Theory which i thought would be stupid but as I have an almost sickeningly hardcore crush on Ryan Reynolds forced me to stick it on the blockbuster list. It turned out to be a crazy almost soulsucking situation where a man who rules his life by lists and efficiency finds that one little stupid uncontrollable circumstance leads him down a path of lies and just plain breakdown. in a funny way. kinda. I'd have to say even with my confusing description i liked the film. not just becuase of reynolds either. but becuase it was genuinely good. you couldnt help but feel sorry for the guy as he attempts to commit suicide by living life. lol i liked it.

then i watched ... Jumper. that was okay. thats all i'm sayin about it. wasn't great. just okay. very comic booky. would be better as a comic book than a movie. just my two cents. ya know? not enough freakin backstory. geez.

now.. i'm off to play mariokart GCN and try to finally get a damned gold trophy in 150. oh... and watch The Other Boleyn girl. i'll let ya know what i think.

then... sewing. pants for the nephew then maybe a dress for moi :p