Sunday, November 23, 2008

keep on keepin' on

i dyed sherry's hair red yesterday night and was slightly surprised at how good it turned out. she's one of a few who's told me "man you need to go to school for this" lol. loved the color. i need to do mine. maybe chestnut brown. gotta cover the blond.

I woke up today feelin shitty... slept late, rolled outta bed and immediately dove into tv watchin mode. i've downgraded my cox (also known as cocks) cable to the bare freakin minimum and i'm dyin with sadness. so today was movie makeup for the crappy life day.

I watched The Other Boleyn Girl which has been sittin in my damned dvd player for god knows how long... i've been avoiding it as i am a historical addict and love the story of Anne of a thousand days. she was manipulative and brilliant but got too big for her britches messing with an overbearing tyrant of a king. i didn't want to see some mamby pamby story about two sisters fighting over such a boorish man. turns out i was wrong. damned movie was brilliant. i can't say enough how much i enjoy natalie portman. she can be kind and sweet, strong and proud and even bitchy and vindictive. thats all you need as an actress. the story was told well, written after that book.. you know.. same title.. no pictures. ;p

then i decided to jump directly into The Orphanage. Guillermo Del Toro would be the man of my dreams if he wasn't so gross lookin. the man is a genius but this film... its not his. its just got his name on it. its a spaniard(phonetically) film about a woman who lived a happy childhood at an orphanage on the spanish coast until she was adopted. later in life, she marrys and adopts a son who is terminally ill. they decide to buy and re open the orphanage... too bad its haunted by a past that was unfortunate and ugly.

the movie was beautiful. i mean wow. i really liked it which surprised me because most horror suspense films disappoint the crap out fo me these days. this one.. had a real basis of emotion and sadness. it was definitely filmed eyecatching.. and eye pleasing. and sad as hell. damned good movie.

okay now i'm off to see what else i can do. maybe take some advil for the freakin everlasting damned fever i keep getting. i'm sick but i can't afford the dr. :( good times baby.

El Orfanato


Moi said...

yeah, I think I'll be skipping that movie...the trailer alone freaked me out enough. If I saw, I think I'd have that nauseous feeling for days!!! haha...

Jane Doh! said...

pansy. lol

actually they hyped it up to be this horrifying thing and really it was just sad. not that scary at all. and i watched it alone!!! lol