Tuesday, November 25, 2008

so i sat in the waiting room yesterday at my dr office and told them "um.. my face is hot could i get some water?" they take me back, weigh my fat ass... and take my temp.

then the nurse looks at me. looks at the thermometer.. looks back at me. i know its bad.


"wow. i mean... uh.. 101.5 i'll be right back"

i got the lecture as they stripped me down outta my shirt and stuck a cool cloth on the back of my neck and on my forehead as my nurse practitioner (looks fondly of a small aged mouse) gives me the lecture of my life.

she was freakin thorough. she tested everything and even knocked on my forehead. i've got infections in the places that make me breathe. damnit. again.

i'm on augmentim. :(

and nasal spray. but no inhaler this time!! yay! :)

so i'm not dead. just retarded as usual.

so my shitty frenemy at work had her husband the nice guy remove her 200$ extensions.

then i found out today that he had to postpone starting community college. he did it because they had no money to pay for it. and yet she just blew 200$ on fake hair because she hated her hair cut.

how retarded is that? mind you i'm sick as a dog and i didn't mean to (yeah i did) and said to sonia my fellow receptionist "wow.. she got fake hair and he's not goin to school. thats what i call priorities."

lol oops.

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