Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The beginning of Alice

Its just a rough draft and only the first few paragraphs. but yeah... i'm posting it.

Alice lovingly ran her fingers over the slick lightened skin on her arm. It was her favorite scar. The one that had given her the most trouble. It was the casr that had infected her body with the black plague and she’d never forgotten the necessity to replace the arm. It was the last time a body part needed replacing. She slid her long fingers in between the mini blinds hanging over her kitchen window. And flicked them open just a crack.

He leaned against the lamp post, pretending to not watch her little flat above the shop she owned. He’d been following her for days now, thinking she was one the wiser. He was tall and lanky, in black jeans and a black leather coat. He sported a little black bini cap hiding his blad head. He was white. Not white as in fair skin and rosy cheeks. He was the color of pressed flour with splotches of vanilla cake batter where the cold raised the blood. His eyes, the color of the sky on a cloudless day. He stood tall, playing the distracted tourist very well. All the while studying her. His head lifted from watching the oncoming traffic as if he could feel her cold gaze on him. She let the blinds go an backed away from the view of the stranger on the street.

It was time to go. For the first time in her long life, she’d chosen a place to settle down. To become comfortable in the little flat over the shop she’d purchased over twenty years ago on South Street. With a few precautions Philadelphia had become her home. She rarely ventured out without covering up completely and even went to the extent of hiring a new college student every year to work in the shop itself. She had come to love her quirky little vintage shop with her tourist attraction of strange old furnishings and her regulars, always searching for that new retro look. But that was all coming to an end now, and deep down, she knew it wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

Alice would leave tomorrow. Her plump lower lip pouted out as she considered the steps she needed to take to leave her home behind. It wasn’t as if she’d never moved before. Her life was a scribbled over wrinkled old map someone on the run. Never stopping, never really settling down. She ran after a year of existence with her father. She only survived long enough for him to re-teach her the basics of life in this world as a creature, as thing that needed to blend in with the living. Then he revealed his true motives. She was never to be free. Alice was only created as a companion for his first successful experiment. The vile murderous insane creature that stalked the lower catacombs of the castle he had them all locked in. He housed her in a glorified cell and used her in the basest, foulest way a man could use a woman. But, he never really considered her a woman or a threat. She was nothing more than a ragdoll; created in a vat of embryonic fluid and electrical current. She was a monster, against the laws of god and man. And that is why she ran.


Nattars said...

That's a great bit of prose. I want more. Give me more!

I really liked it.

Jane Doh! said...

lol thank you darlin i think i shall. :) i feel the need to lately.