Sunday, November 16, 2008


I can't possibly express to you enough how much I don't want to go to work tomorrow. i'm getting up early to go take care of some business in the morning which consists of my ass walking. which isn't that big of a deal since its been hotter than hell out here ... in the middle of november.

How screwed up is that? global warming is killin polar bears by melting their food source. BUT even worse, it's killin my christmas. we aren't getting a good winter this year. it was 85 degrees out today. and its not letting up. the forcast is showing "pleasent" weather. how screwed up is that!?

I've chosen to fly out to california the 5th of december. isnt that spiffy? too bad its a week after my cousin is leaving back for Germany. its amazing isn't it? My cousin jacob apparently has been in germany and not in iraq as everyone has thought. well okay then. lol all that undue stress for nothing.

and stress is apparently my best friend as my boss is coming back from her hawaiian vacation and who knows who she'll be firing. they've not said a word to me about the damned coach sunglasses i requested forever ago. it doesnt matter i no longer want them and no longer plan on hearing anything about them as my boss conveniently forgets things that aren't shoved up her nose by the good dr. himself. Which is fine and I understand as she is his indirect slave. she works so hard that i feel sorry for her. pity isnt something i give easily.

he cares more about his money than his employees which is obviously understandable as he's out to make a buck. funny how you learn that a doctor.. is a sales man more than anything else.

we have a new machine that is testing for ARMD which is macular degeneration. its a destroyer of vision. it costs to take the test. how shitty is that? we charge people for a test that is so incredibly important. and then....

woohoo for this!

we recommend supplements to help prevent and deter it. and not just people who test abnormally high.. but to people who test in the okay range. we've not successfully become pill pushers.

god.. i've never thought i'd hate my job. for over a year i loved it. i love my job the things i did my patients and dealt with my frenemy in a decent manner as best she'd allow with her fucking bipolar behavior.

but now... now i wish they would just fire me so i can go work some shitty little retail job for the hoildays and claim unemployment. geez.

how sad is that?

i need to shower but its too late now so i'm goin to pop my nyquil as i'm fighting the last dreggs of the flu and my nasal spray so i'll have my one working nostril tomorrow .. working. lol

goodnight to those who don't read this damned thing.

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