Sunday, November 2, 2008

sunday bloody sunday

So i think it comes in waves. Friday night I passed out candy at my sister's house while she took the kids trick or treating. that morning i was still depressed outta my mind but i scrounged up a retro costume with my purdy red ress and and my boufant hair do. i forgot my lil doowop bobby soxxer sweater so it was only a half assed costume.

Sonia sported an excellent Pirate Buckaneer Chick costume. She looked outstanding! Even Gloria sported a cool witchy black glittery top and her annual holloween vest. It was very fun. Mike sported all black and i asked "what are ya? a mobster?" he laughed and said yeah.

the frenemy however sported pin striped shorts (how the hell does she get away with that at work) and a typical black top. no dress up. no nothing. she was pretty bitter all day. it kinda sucked.

I'll admit at first i was like "WTF" but then i saw it. her legs. scarred and dimpled with flab and cottage cheese-like fat ruinning her skin. I couldnt help but smile and think "well.. she's not perfect." and i felt a lil better.

Yes its petty. but without that one person to be petty about.. we wouldn't be human. :p The kids looked great and it was fun.. i kinda freaked myself into a fearful moment sittin in my sister's house alone.. listening to screaming children and the wind blowing. heh.

I also decided to join up on a new dating site thanks to a friend on RF who sent me this hilarious link called I looooved it! the real dating site is called Mingle2 which isn't half bad. not as organized as POF but it does have this thing called Mutual Match which i really really like because its like "this guy likes your stuff enough to say he'd talk to you." and you do the same. you rate them. not like 1 to 10 but like Yes i'd like to talk to him maybe .. and no hell no definitely not. lol i like it. no bones about wher eyou stand. no point in wasting time. ya know?

I'm not really looking for anyone as i'm not goin to be in town but i thought it would be nice to check out the peoples. so far.. i've met more genuine men on there then all my time at POF. :)

and then there's EHarmony. yes.. i finally gave in and filled out their 29 point match up questionairre. it was free communication weekend this weekend. i had a total of 9. NINE FUCKING MATCHES!!! lol 8 were indian men. damnit.

nothin wrong with my eastern indian brothers except they are insatiably horny, and due to beliefs will not be marrying you. just trying to screw you. geez.

so thats that. i'm sure i'll be getting emails from them.

yesterday i watched Chaos Theory which i thought would be stupid but as I have an almost sickeningly hardcore crush on Ryan Reynolds forced me to stick it on the blockbuster list. It turned out to be a crazy almost soulsucking situation where a man who rules his life by lists and efficiency finds that one little stupid uncontrollable circumstance leads him down a path of lies and just plain breakdown. in a funny way. kinda. I'd have to say even with my confusing description i liked the film. not just becuase of reynolds either. but becuase it was genuinely good. you couldnt help but feel sorry for the guy as he attempts to commit suicide by living life. lol i liked it.

then i watched ... Jumper. that was okay. thats all i'm sayin about it. wasn't great. just okay. very comic booky. would be better as a comic book than a movie. just my two cents. ya know? not enough freakin backstory. geez.

now.. i'm off to play mariokart GCN and try to finally get a damned gold trophy in 150. oh... and watch The Other Boleyn girl. i'll let ya know what i think.

then... sewing. pants for the nephew then maybe a dress for moi :p


M@ said...

My Internet friend for FIVE years? Hmmmm. Please explain-ez-vous....

Jane Doh! said...

yeah. you realize how long we've known each other you terd?

i've been talkin to you for years. because i started talkin to you before i met nick. and nick made me get rid of you remember?? yeah that was over 4 years ago.

stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. ;p