Monday, November 24, 2008

cough cough hack

so i'm off to the dr. mom nagged me enough over the phone for me to know it was serious as i spoke to my big gay al best friend back in cali at midnight last night and he wanted to hear the wheeze. so i did. and he laughed then said yep, you've got typhoid.


i know its a joke but after hearing me put effort into breathing like that on the phone i realized that mom's right (when is she not?). I need to see a dr. Sad part is i'm probably going to have to take a payday loan to pay my rent this month. :( damnit

damned Dr's are so expensive.

The writing's still on. :) i'm not done baby! ;p


Moi said...

don't they offer insurance where you work?

Jane Doh! said...

lol my insurance sucks ass. i can't afford the copays.