Thursday, December 4, 2008


the story of abraxas is interesting. i'm not wikipedia so i'm not about to tell you about it.

so i started talking to this guy on mingle2 with just such a variation of that name. he seemed nice. he has no car and lives in the ghetto of south phx. he just moved there with some friends. he's 30.

can you see the warning signs?

anyway he seems extremely cocky and the more i talk to him the more i want to educate him on how much of an ass he is and how much more about life i know. even though i probably don't know more than him in any way and he probably isn't an ass in real life, just has waaay too much ego here on the internet. he has a tattoo.. its very .. earthy.

he knows alot about ancient history and egypt in particular.

he also knows quite a bit about Crowley. don't know who alistair crowley is? look his ass up. anyway so i decided to tell this guy exactly what i think of the beliefs of crowley.

and as i sent the message away... off to his big inbox on in the sky (aka the net) i realized like the ignorant nitwit that i am... i've confused crowley with leVey. LOL!! oops.

yeah.. thats what i get for bein high handed huh..

so i sent him and 'oops' email and moved on with my night.

thanksgiving was all about family that i'm not always a part of. i watched as my sisters mom and uncles bickered like idiots. i enjoyed my gay uncle and his boyfriend and loved the food. too bad i didnt get a to go plate. lol idiot.

i've been in kind of a daze. my frenemy at work showed up sick as a dog.. again today as she has been for days now... infecting people and i'm sick of it. today i told her to get better. then sotto voce said "or stay home" lol. i'm such a bitch.

i'm half heartedly typing this out as my secret santa is on my mind, my nieces birthday, my christmas party, my best friend who almost bailed on me, and Jose the hot guy in yuma's sister who didn't contact me even though she was supposed to ... for purses.

so yeah. i'm kinda swamped.

and i'm hungry. but i've already eaten dinner. :(

i'm goin to bed.

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