Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The List

New years is coming up and the list is here...

i have a three year plan starting in one week.

1. walk every day.

2. quit fast food.

3. use the budget spreadsheet.

4. move home and fix credit.

5. start school.

6. get a better job.

7. find an agent.

8. find a publisher.

9. publish Burning Moon.

10. publish Palm Trees & Pixie Dust.

11. Finish The Morning After.

12. Finish Alice Frankenstein.

13. Work towards Degree in English Lit.

14. Rock your socks.

15. Lose so much weight its shockingly sexy.

16. revamp #15 to say SEXIER than current sexiness.

17. Become a man eater.

the list goes on.


Mob said...

Make it happen for yourself girl!

I hope your holidays have gone well, and hope for the best for ya in the New Year.

Jane Doh! said...

aw thank you much man. you too. yeah no one can do it but me ya know?