Monday, January 19, 2009

here it comes...


its the shit dreams are destroyed with, millions are entertained with and a select few who can't seem to live without.

and then there's me. related to those last select few.. and who just want to escape it for once.

my lil sister and my older sister were supposed to go to california with their grandmother to do the depressingly sad deed of helping her pack up her old house that she can no longer live in alone. :(

according to LIL BIG bailed on her. she freaked out. she then asked me to drive with her and the baby. I agreed barring I can take the time off from work. i put in for it.

Apparently also according to LIL .. BIG invited BIG's crazy dramaball (she's a big fucking ball of drama) friend Krack (her new name) to go with but bailed on her too even though Krack took the day off from her work. So Krack talks to LIL and offers to go with us. i'm like aw crap. because she's just creepy to me. i see right threw the nutball.

you ready for this? because my screenplay for a soap opera... oh wait i mean my life!!! keeps gettin funner.

according to LIL (are you starting to see a pattern?) BIG got hugely jealous and told her "Krack's My Friend!! and if anyone's gonna drive with her it'll be me!!" yeah.. crazy right?

so LIL comes to me... venting her brains out. and i let her because i know she's gotta get it off her chest. i mean this is some really detailed conversations she's tellin me!! and she's crying and so angry at BIG that i tell her "look.. we cant like everything about each other. like I never see BIG or her kids anymore. don't you think i miss them? they never call me back." she talks more and i mention "hey remember this is between you and me. so say nothin to no one, please."

guess what...

the next day.. LIL tells BIG what i said and embellishes that shit hardcore. suddenly i'm talking shit. wait what!?!?

so i get a call... "Hey.. wanna go get some coffee with me?" BIG says... "yeah sure." i know someting's up.. but what i can't be sure.

i sit in her car and she tells me what LIL said. i am shocked and saddened that my trust was betrayed so hardcore by my lil sister. but i tell BIG... "this is what i really said and this was it." and tell her. I explain that is how i feel. that i miss them.. terribly. LIL made her feel so worried that something was wrong between us. that we had an issue. not that i was talkin shit... but that i was angry with her which was completely untrue. so we talked.

the good thing about my relationship with BIG is we are adults and can sit and talk, hash shit out and squash it. which means we deal with our problems the right way.

then we had a talk about LIL and compared bullshit fabrications that she's been telling versus the truth that really went down. it was ugly. BIG never bailed because she never said she'd go. she's got kids and she can't just up and leave like that. it was all a psychotic game to LIL to stretch the lie as far as she can.. compulsively.

then it got worse.

apparently after LIL told BIG about what i said... supposedly... she made a booboo. she forgot to lock her phone.

that phone accidentally called BIG's phone and caught her voicemail. and recorded everything that LIL said.

and sadly... it was some ugly shit. she ripped both BIG and me. she used me as a way to embellish this lie about standing up to BIG for me and saying i said soo much that i never did. it was a mess. and she had no idea the voicemail was recording it all..

its everyone's worst nightmare.. a private angry vindictive conversation.. recorded for all those you talked about to hear. wow.

i think my lil sister needs professional help. because i'm over trying to help her.

I'm soo gonna start a FIGHT LIKE A GIRL CLUB

as of late.. we all act like nothin went wrong. and i've decided i'm not going anywhere near california on a trip with LIL. this is how i have to weather theses shitstorms.

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