Wednesday, January 21, 2009

peace... LOL yeah right.

lil sister is off to cali and i haven't heard a word from her. i'm sure she'll call cryin in a few days when she realizes she's in cali alone to take care of her baby as well as her grandmother.

on a totally different note.. last week she took me hiking in the middle of the night. now i'm not a work out kinda girl. i'm barely a nature girl. i like nature... from an admirer's standpoint.

but we took flashlights and water and met her new man of the week on the mountain. he wasn't very talkative to me. this was her way of not bailing on me again as she'd done in the recent past to hang out with him. i accepted it. we took the trail that went UP!! and not around. i almost made it to the top but decided that i didn't want to die so we turned around.

we got back down the mountain without decapitating anyone or being mutilated by mutants ala The Hills Have Eyes (yeah.. thats what it looked like we were hiking through..).

we reached the paved path back to the cars and started jogging and this is where it all went wrong.

i have no idea what the hell happened... but i either tripped, my leg gave out, or i simply fell off the rounded edge of the asphault .. and went down. HARD. i ruined my sexy fat girl knee and it bled like a freakin gaping gunshot wound.

so she took me to her 40 year old personal trainer/roommates house only to find that he had no first aid kit. how the fuck does that happen right?

so we went back to her place and taped me up.

the dry wound hurt almost as much as the freakin fall itself so my boss (the freakin loon that she is...) suggested these Johnson & Johnson Advanced Healing First Aid pads that were self stick ... their purpose was to replace the body's scab and minimize scarring while healing the wound.

well.. it says wear for days on end, wash wound and change pads.

today i went to change the pad. my wound smells like bacon.

i'm not fucking with you.

really. bacon. honey smoked bacon.


so i went ahead and left off with the replacing of the pads and am now extremely worried at the fact that my knee is freakin Pink. PINK!!! from healing without a freakin scab.


i'm off to watch a movie as my sister gave me that netflix account and yesterday.. i returned the blockbuster movies and cancelled the account crazy huh...

may my knee not get gangrene...

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