Wednesday, January 7, 2009


mom's been with me this whole week, staying with me, taking care of me, cleaning my house, nagging the hell outta me. its one of those things where i love her to death but i kinda want to duct tape her mouth shut.

we went to marie callenders and she complained about the booth. she complained about the location. she complained.

i'm ready to scream. i'm supposed to move back in with her in order to start over and damnit what am i to do? i mean god.

but i do love her. i've been bitchy and grumpy and sick and in pain.. and she's taken care of me. i know that my feelings of wanting to scream at her is partly my own mind messin with me simply because she's my mom.

i dont know what to do.

i hate my job with a passion. my bosses don't give a shit about me in any way shape or form. and yet the market is so bad that losing my job scares me terribly. i don't know what to do. i'll be leaving to live with mom in less than 5 months. :( time to start pinchin the pennies.

so yeah.. thats really that. i hope you're doin well.


Nattars said...

Don't you dare scream with your poorly throat!

Mob said...

I hope the mom situation eases up on you. Maybe it's the culture shock of her being around more, and the little frustrations will fall away as you get used to her habits and learn to take them with a grain of salt?

Here's hoping...

Jane Doh! said...

nattars darlin - lol of course not.

mob - yeah its like a roomate who still thinks you're a virgin. yeah...