Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 months.

thats it. I've decided. After talking with my mom and doing the budget, its time for me to go home and settle my shit. so thats what i'll be doing when my lease is up. I'll be packing my shit and moving back to my mom's so i can pay my bills off, get a car and go back to school. i dont know how long i'll be there and how i'll survive mentally but i do know one thing... I'll survive.

I will fix this life of mine.

there is no starting over. only reincarnation and i'm not ready to die. there's only fixing it. cure. mend. abridge.


so yeah thats the plan. my mom gave me a lil money to keep the power on and i talked to my boss. I can't afford to live off of what they are paying me. my bills outnumber my cash. my life is getting to scary. too close to that refrigerator box of my nightmares.

its gotta stop.

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