Thursday, September 25, 2008

not so unexpected goodbye

so mary my neurotic yet hilarious and fun co-worker has something to tell me after work. Mary's leaving. I already know. not because Sonia slipped up yesterday after work while she helped me save myself from going home to a dark apartment. but because i can feel it.

people are changing. no one can live off of what my office is paying them. this job's driven her to stress, sleepless nights, smoking again... its all been hard for her. and she's had a slightly hard time to adapt because the job demands so much of us for such little pay. so it breaks my heart to see her go and no not because i have to find another ride to work. but because she was a good work-friend.

she's a good woman who deserves better anyway.

people are leaving.

and i want to do the same. we'll see what happens.

i've made the decision to move back home after the lease is over on the apartment because i can't afford to live here anymore and becuase i have a past that needs to be cleaned up. There are too many people out there right now suffering and it would just be better if i went home to my mom and accept the help she's offered. she's also offered that I go back to school. I think that's a fantastic idea. but fist... clean up.

I'm frustrated and depressed but nothin i can do.

On a lighter note.. i'm on level six on the New Super Mario Brothers on my DS Lite. heehehe.

its the only joy i have. i'm cancelling the cable today. wish me luck k?

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