Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bitch o' rama

I woke up this morning with my bitch face on.

I have no idea why but i have no patience, no calm, no acceptance for mankind. the frenemy today seems to realize that and is staying away from me because she knows that when i'm in bitch mode... there is no contending my anger.

i missed takin my birth control (thank you lybrel for being the only brand that hasn't made me want to throw up my pancreas) last weekend and this morning... i started my period. thats fucking horrible considering that its only been 2 weeks. so damn you mother nature and damn you aunt flow.

today was a pretty good day at work. after years of denying the the harry potter craze, i've finally given in to my pal who says i need to read it. i remember years ago before JK Rowling was a massive success, Science Fiction Book Club sent me the first book as a mistake. i read the first chapter and sent it back immediately. lol little did i know right?

thank god i'm not a band wagoner.

I've refused... years and years and years to read those damned books. well.. I'm finally doin it. partly out of desperation because i can't afford books and have no library card and partly out of curiosity. I need to get out of the Romance genre. I need to find a way to write my fantasy without the underlying love story. i can do this!!!

yesterday was my nephew's birthday yesterday. he's 12. and for the first time in years.. i couldn't be the cool aunt with the kick ass unbeatable gift. i couldnt get im anything. it really broke my heart. surprisingly. we had a lil family get together and did cake and presents but we do bowling this weekend :) for his friends... lol

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