Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my bad

sometimes i'm too kind for my own good. a few months ago i spent good money for fun and its killed me ever since. I set myself up on a budget to fix this mess. to fix my stupid mistake and have been living by minimal means ever since.

This payday was supposed to be my last payday of major backwards debt. i was set on auto pay for this wednesday night to post on thursday. i deposited my bill money on monday.

the bank decided to withhold my deposit.

they then decided to release my auto pays on monday instead of the day i scheduled.

everything bounced.

they paid for it with my pending deposit.

then charged me nsf fees up the ass.

and took my electricity money.

and my grocery money.

and still.. i owe them 28.16$ after the fact.

i can't stop crying.

I fucking did everything in my power to fix this. i worked so hard to get where i am. i just wanted to stop living like i was fucking going to end up in a refrigerator box.

tomorrow... i'll wake up with no power. no lights. no hot water. thank you my big budget bank that will probably go under and take all my money. oh wait.. you already took all my money.

thank you.

may karma take you down.


Mob said...

That's so awful, I'm feeling for ya, I did much the same thing once by splurging on something and being in debt and behind on credit cards bills for almost two years afterward.

Is there no way to fight this, considering the days you'd set up in advance? It seems as though this is their foul-up, not yours...

Jane Doh! said...

sadly when i spoke to management they said that in the agreements for auto pay they have a three day window for these kinds of mistakes. that i was barely within that window and because of that fact they are not held responsible. they also said that they have a right to hold any deposit submitted for however long it takes to verify the funds.

my mom says the banks are goin under and making us pay for it ... rarely agree with her but she's startin to sound very right.

tomorrow.. i wake up with no electricity.

Jane Doh! said...

i need a drink.