Monday, September 22, 2008


As homer says...

In a necessity to attempt anonymity... I've had to do the most horrifying thing I could do.

In an attempt to keep my nosy ass drama queen sisters out of my blogger life, I deleted my old account. It was hands down the most painful lonely thing i've ever done. I'll be labeling my sisters as 1-being the oldest and 3-being the youngest.

well 3 found the blog and as she's got the most drama than any of us... I had no choice because it was my place to vent about them and damnit if she wouldn't have spread that to the only family I have out here in the crotch hair of hell. yeah thats how I refer to my desert city. we'll call it Dirt City.

she lied to me alot about 5 months ago and put us through some hardcore shit so i have grown distant. but I've realized as time passed that i've lived in Dirt City, I've isolated myself. so not wanting to be completely alone, I accepted her as she is... lying caniving bitchy.

its been rough. 1's just had a lil baby and she's in her own world which is totally understandable. she's the better of the two. she brings me left overs from the damned good dinners she cooks. she brings me extra food from her parents overly loving them with dried and non perishables from costco. :) she also thrives on other peoples drama and misery. so its tough to deal with but i love her mucho.

so yeah. 3 found me out and i had to destroy the evidence to prevent war.

now my heart is broken and I have no choice to but to accept what's happened.

so i've started a new one. away from it all.

welcome to Unidentified Jane Doh!

I'll be posting art from me takin pictures and words from my writings... and my daily thoughts of moments at work and such. :) I'm on a dating site and its been a strange and lonely treck.

so as for today...

i totally played hookie, woke up not even wanting to crawl outta bed so me and Kitteh went right back to bed. not for long though. she's feisty. she's a biter so she went straight for my feet the moment i tossed and/or turned :p

I watched an entire day of bullshit tv consisting of an entire season of America's Next Top Model where Danielle won when i totally was rootin for Joanie. i changed from one set of pajamas *PAIIEEEEYYYAAMMAAASS* into another. i did no cleaning, i paid no bills, i tried to contact my half assed sisters.... no luck. so fuck it. I just hung out today me myself and i.

I do have to admit.. by the end of the day.. I was completely and utterly lonely. and that tells me that I need to make some friends and get out of this damned apartment. i also need to return the DVR and cancel the cable which i cannot afford and get my ass into a gym.

good times.

finally... Heroes was great tonight.. 2 freakin episodes one that made me hate 2 of my favorite characters (lies! i love Suresh and peters brother the hot one!) soo good. ;p i can't help but be a damned teeny bopper when it comes to this damned show.

okay ... so my heart's not into it tonight. i know this. its the utter loneliness i've been feeling lately. not like i need to get laid... just miss people who care. people who will just hang and laugh and be cool.

i dont know how to find those people anymore.
here's a shot i took today with my lil cam. its so amazing it looks like photoshop but damn if it isnt the real deal.

god's light


Mob said...

Again with the new blog, eh?

So should I bother to link to this, or are you going for total anonymity?

Hope the move to the new writing digs helps smooth things out in your life.

TOPolk said...

I'm a lil late to the party, but I'm here.