Monday, October 20, 2008

another micromanagement monday

when my boss gets stressed... she micromanages everyone else. mainly me. not just because i don't give a shit and thats blatent... but because she's a nut job under all that trendiness.

its stressful.

mom visited this weekend. i miss her already. we talk.. its good. i hate my family. and the gossip that comes with.

so i hide from them. that's gonna end when i move back to the land of sunshine and cell phones.

i'm so frustrated and tired and sick of it. oh well.

wow... my bloggings' gettin lazy. hahah

here's a random pic of a fast effin car. i took these babies while headin for breakfast saturday mornin. they were parked in front of a 5 n' diner. so very cliche. yet... i want them. or just one. doesn't matter which.. just one will do.


Moi said...

I want one of those cars, dammit.

Jane Doh! said...

LOL! oh hon. me too.