Monday, October 13, 2008

oblivion ain't got nothin in me.

I couldn't help myself. Being broke and all i walked through the book isle at target and did my worst. I bought another romance. I find less and less that interest me but Sands still does. she's got talent. ;p actually she just makes me laugh, which is always welcome in a writer.

so i bought The Rogue Hunter which is the newest installment of her vampire series which has no name really.. when she first started writing it... it came out sporadic and confusing. but each book was good in its own right with light airy humor and always the same base plot. i'm sure i'll get sick of it at some point like i did with LKH. regardless... this one starts kinda slow and i have to push myself. yet again.

writing's stifled again.

strange news.

my Big Gay Al best friend from high school has finally come out of the closet... to his wife. who is furious. that she didn't already know what everyone else did. LOL when i graduated high school he was fast my best friend. he lived in a trailer with his two younger twin brothers which was on the same lot as the trailer his dysfunctionally nice mom and gramma lives (still to this day). its his fault i watch anime... and my fault he loves womens shoes. lol he showed up at my moms house a few nights ago and explained that he was gay.

"well duh." hahah i love my mom. she straight told him "its about time." hahaha!!! she's always known and always supported him. even when he didn't.

moments with big gay al:
  1. nairing his arms back and chest when he dressed up as a woman for holloween (we wear the same shoe size hah)
  2. watching La Blue Girl anime (totally hentai!!!) for the first time in his trailer
  3. the gang bought me my first vibrator at Fun Zone adult store then as i drove home with a packed car, he pressed it against the car window the entire way hahaha the ass.
  4. renting porn on friday night porn nights with the gang and laughing hysterically with popcorn and red vines. (my first porn ever perchased... The Devil and Miss Jones... yeah baby)
  5. him trying to figure out if he was gay, kissin me in the back of his oldsmobile.
  6. watching that crappy yet hilarious old marijuana is the devil movie from the 50's
life was good back then. he's found out i'm moving home. he's excited. its been a long time. we talked briefly. and i felt a thousand times better. and before we hung up the phone.. just like old times "i love ya!" Love ya too!"

good friends.

FUUUUHHHHLLLIPPP!!! <~~ thats the subject. baby sister's shower went well. i got a candle. i won a game. i dont remember which. oohh maybe bingo. who knew. cuban family members brought food and i had it for lunch which was so damned good i wanted to cry. :p i had to share it. older sister's friend the divorcee (her ex was molested by his dad which was a huge figure in the colorado community who molested over 100 kids) was a sore loser and self loathing all day. made me feel no shame for laughing hysterically. little sister got the goods. its trippy. speakin of... the supposed father came into my work today. it was creepy and weird ... seein him. told him i was leavin town. surprisingly... he wished me the best and told me that he knew i was smart and would go far. keep in touch. it was soo weird. finally for the 3 people who read this... check out mob's sunday post with previews that i can't watch because my downgraded cable internet sucks.


M@ said...

How you say, Durka, durka, durka? I love the tongue of all women.

M@ said...

Hope I didn't offend you regarding my blog post. :)

Jane Doh! said...

LOL never. except i ifeel that i should have gotten credit for your return. you ass. lol

you're dum.haha

M@ said...

awwww. how you say, Durka, durka, durka.....


Jane Doh! said...