Saturday, October 25, 2008

Road Queen

by Jane Doh! (artist name listed on submitted works.)

I stepped past the entrance gates and walked aimlessly behind my family until my vision focused. I stood mere feet away from the coral iridescent 48 ford convertible parked amongst other classic custom cars along the first leg of the state fair entrance. Heat radiated from it. My mind spun as the roaring of engines made my ears ring with the necessity to go fast. Real fast.

I stepped closer, my heart pounding as the owner smiled at me. He was easily in his seventies, lookin me up and down as if I were goin to scratch his paint. I closed my eyes. And the inner me poured out.

Suddenly I was me. the real me. I was still my same five feet, six inches tall, but everything about me was… confidence. I 140 pounds of pure raw sex in heels. I could feel the need in me, tugging at my lower abdomen like an orgasm. Every curve in my body vibrated with excitement. I popped the handle, opening the driver side door, and slid in, sideways like a lady. Like momma always taught me. Slowly, I pulled my luscious olive skinned legs in and turned to face the wheel.

I reached across the dash and pulled his sun glasses on. They wrapped around my eyes like a soft blindfold, showing me only what I needed to see. The road in front of me.

“Here ya go darlin.” He whispered as he bent into the driver’s side window, handing me the single eight ball keychain. The key glittered, silver, shiny, cold to the touch.

“You spoil me.” I licked my lips and shoved my palm into his face. He flew from the window and I slammed the key home.

One crank.
Two Crank.

RRRROOOOAAARRR!!! The engine flared to life.

I shuddered. The release rocked me for only a glimpse of a moment as I floored it.

Tires squealed and so did the old man’s wife. I plowed down the ramp from the show room, out the back dock door and through the gates. The wind seared my face as I flew down the freeway. I flipped on the vintage radio and turned that dial.

Irony is a fucking tease as I stopped on an AM station playing Down in Mexico blaring through my new speakers. I drove. I drove all the way to the Baja coast…



“Mija, want a funnel cake?” my family asked me as my eyes popped open and I stared longingly at the coral iridescent 48 ford convertible on display.


Moi said...

damn funnel cake!!

Jane Doh! said...

LOL its a hallucinator