Friday, October 10, 2008


not a car crash

not a plane crash

not a drug crash

the market crash.

we are officially at a 20% loss. am i scared? of course. every american is. has our disease spread across the globe? absolutely. BMW is planning to close 2 major plants in germany creating major job loss because they think they will not be able to sell enough cars here in the US.

President Bush is making his usual vague speech, explaining what we already know. making us face the facts we've been trying to ignore. the Credit Market is frozen. no more loans. no more credit. no more "sure you can borrow even though you have no way of paying it back."

"fellow citizens we can solve this crisis and we will."

he's going through the steps to fix the mistake that he ignored for so very long.

the rate cut is going to only put us in an even deeper hole. Do you really think people people will use it for a college education? lol they will buy their big cars, and big houses and bullshit they dont need.

we are stupid when it comes to money. i thought it was just me. now... i know its my entire country.

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