Wednesday, October 8, 2008


after much anticipated time without... i got my half barrel straightener back. sister 1 finally gave it back last night before i dyed her hair which was almost... just almost a fiasco. :p

she picked me up after work and we headed straight to Sally's beauty supply. A moment about sally's ... At one time i loved the place as they carried the best hair products which were once only for the pro's but sallys brought that to the common man/woman/gay wannabee hair dresser. you could get everything from manicure products to full body waxing kits. you could get piercing gear and hair dye and frosting caps and weave hair (yeah .. for hair weaves yo!) it was a great place to learn from professionals!!!

WAIT! moment of silence for my bag of Sour Punch Straws that my frenemy and her husband just finished off .. those sneaky bastards. :(

anyway it was once a place to rock the beauty tip with stuff that only the pro's could buy and stuff that was available to everyone. you felt cool shopping there... as if you were good enough to cut and color.

well.. today.. the 17 year old behind the counter had no idea what i was talking about when i explained the necessity for different developers to dye my sister's hair. she told us to just get the 10 which would have done nothing but set the color. no definition!!! she had pink hair and piercings everywhere so i immediately judged her thinking that she knew a thing or two about hair product when in fact she was a Toni & Guy aspiring fool who knew shit about hair. I asked her about half barrel hair straighteners and she had no idea what that was or where i could find one. i felt like crying. then .. the epitome of retardation...

"did Feria stop making Radiant Black? or do you guys just not keep it in stock?"
"whats radiant black?"
"um... its Feria's red based black"
"there's no such thing as red based black"
"are you serious?"
"like what?!"
from here on out the rest is said in my head.
"Okay. you need to go back to school. Feria once made a red based black called Radiant Black. it started about 10 years ago and was once only offered to pros. then they released it to the public."
"there's no such thing as red based black." (she did however repeat this as if i'd said what i was thinking out loud.)
"you're an idiot."

i muttered the last of it barely audible by dogs, as we were wrung up and let go from that little craphouse. yeah i said craphouse.

we got taco bell (i'm now experiencing taco bell buyers remorse as my tummy has gone insane with pain eeewww you know whats next.) and headed to sister 3's house.. there... there they gave me my straightener back!! wooo!!

we then headed to their mom's, sister 1 and i. watched the debate (they are both retarded even though i lean more toward obama than mccain the scary war monger guy) then proceeded in dying her hair. i'm the queen of hair dying. i've gotten dye in places in bathrooms that you'd never expect. on doors, behind toilets, in crevices.... its amazing. thsi time.. i got it nowhere!!! hehe i'm good. i covered her head in dark brown because thats the color she chose... and it turned out black in the bottle. we freaked out. she let it set no more than 10 minutes before i was telling her to rinse it out!!!

she rinsed... and it turned out beautiful. i'm amazing i know it. lol


i suddenly realized that i really really don't like the frenemy becuase when we were friends and partying together, she was cheating on her husband in front of me. I've been anti cheating from day one when my mind comprehended the difference between single.. and not single. she brought that around me with no care as to how it made her look or how it makes those around them look... i just dont understand that. she cheated and not just cheated but flaunted. became a whore that fast. her kid at home with her man who she said was hurting her. but thats no excuse to cheat. you leave if they hurt you ya know? she cheated and then karma bit her in the ass. she got pregnant by her lover and all hell broke loose. i barely knew her hubby who's now my friend and its just horrible... working here... knowing exactly wht she did knowing whta happened and knowing that she used me as her little therapist to cry and whine and bitch and ... okay the cheating.

thats why. thats why hate is a word i rarely use but for her.. it just might be necessary.

i just had this epiphany and i have no idea where it came from ... but i now know that she dragged me into her drama and we weren't even that good of friends. and then after everything.. she punished me when her life fell apart .. only because i knew her secret.


i feel better.

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