Friday, October 10, 2008

El Ojo?


so this morning in the process of getting a breakfast sammich.. the guy at coffee buzz(which is no longer a cool place to eat since its been sold) cracks the egg open in front o fme to make my sammich and boom... two yokes. yeah.

whats it mean?

well after some sneaky at work research...

norse mythology and santeria believes its sign of a death in the family.

wiccans and other much kinder cultures consider it good luck in love and fortune.

I'm rootin for the latter. ;p

work still sucks ass ... my frenemy was itchin to be invited to sister 3's baby shower (i can't remember which is sister one or sister three so they are now lil sister the drama queen and big sister the vindictive one) lil sisters baby shower is family and friends only. she just stood there. hahahaahaha

okay i'm goin to bed. i actually have to work tomorrow. life sucks like that.

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